Welcome to the Youth Ministry Department!

It is our mission to make it easy for kids and young adults to know God through youth and young adult ministries as well as being a resource for local church leaders. From Adventurers and Pathfinders to summer camp ministries; from large, conference-wide events to meaningful programs at your local church, we're here to serve! Please contact us to let us know how we can assist you. 

In His service,

Steve Hamilton, Shannon Werner, Matt Moreland, and Kiefer Dooley


NEW! Summer Camp Registration Deadlines! Updates to Colorado Statutes governing Children's Resident Camps went into affect on April 1, 2018. For the most part, the updates do not change how parents and campers will interact with the camp program. However, one major rule update CHANGES REGISTRATION DEADLINES! This is very important to note. REGISTRATION for each camp session WILL CLOSE 10 DAYS PRIOR to EACH CAMP SESSION'S START DATEWalk-ups and late registrations will not be allowed. 

Per 12-CCR 2509-8 7.711.31 B: "At least ten (10) calendar days prior to admission, each camper must furnish a health history which indicates communicable diseases and chronic illnesses or injuries the individual has had, any known drug reactions and allergies, medications being taken, and any necessary health procedures or special diets." 

This means that we cannot allow a camper to attend GVR Summer Camp who has not provided the health history at least 10-days prior to the day of on-site registration and admission. The Health History form is required as a part of our online reservation process. It is very important that registrants complete the entire form at the time that they register online. 

Again, summer camp registration for each session will close 10-days prior to that session's start date. Please plan accordingly and register for summer camp early! 

Registration Closing Time & Day for Each Session 

CUB I, June 10 to 17 
(Registration closes at 11:59PM on Wednesday, May 30 2018)
CUB II, June 17 to 24 
(Registration closes at 11:59PM on Wednesday, June 6 2018) 

JUNIOR, June 24 to July 1 
(Registration closes at 11:59PM on Wednesday, June 13 2018) 

FAMILY, July 1 to 8 
(No registration deadline for Family Camp!) 

TWEEN & TEEN OUTPOST, July 8 to 15 
(Registration closes at 11:59PM on Wendesday, June 27 2018) 

TEEN, July 15 to 22 
(Registration closes at 11:59PM on Wednesday, July 4 2018)

The Love Reality Tour
is coming to Colorado! We'll be hosting nightly meetings at the Greeley Seventh-Day Adventist Church from April 6 to 14. Meetings begin at 7PM.

When the series in Greeley concludes, we'll be packing up our bags and heading to Grand Junction for meetings at the NEW Grand Junction Seventh-Day Adventist Church from April 18 - 21. Meetings begin at 6:30PM.
The Love Reality Tour is an evangelistic series for youth and young adults connecting to the greatest reality of all. Experience powerful worship and life transformational messages focusing on your identity, purpose, and worth! While the series is geared toward young people, the messages are relevant, authentic, meaningful and impactful for individuals of ALL ages. This event is truly cross-generational and free for all! 

| Find out more at theloverealitytour.com | RSVP at facebook.com/rmcyouth |

Summer Camp Positions are still open! We're currently looking for individuls dedicated to camp ministry and excited about having the summer of their lives as we make it easy for kids to know God together. Open positions include: food service assistant, housekeeping, and aquatics director. 


Programs & Events

This year, the Youth Department is choosing to focus on identity. Our theme for 2018 is, "I AM." It is our belief that if we could become secure in who we are as children of the living God, our generational differences would melt away and the bickering over politics, doctrine and equality would cease. Again, this call is to the young and to the old as to the progressive or conservative – sacrifice self in exchange for the identity God has for each of us. If we would only be able to make the challenging leap to give up pride and self in order to live by God’s view of our Identity, then truth, self-worth, confidence, standards, ideals, purpose, love, and unity will follow.

Let’s not wait for another church or another person to make a difference. Let’s not talk about our issues and fail to follow through with action. Instead, let us follow the call of Colossians 3:10, setting our minds on heavenly things while throwing off the old self in proclamation that we ARE new men and new women in Christ. With confidence, we can claim our identity, internalize our value, sacrifice our selfish desires and live for the betterment of others.

We're very excited because this IS happening in churches all over the conference. The Holy Spirit is working! This year, we are thrilled to continue providing summer camp, conference-wide youth events, and support for our local churches across Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico!

Check out the theme song (I AM by Crowder) here as you browse our upcoming programs & events below. 



On the Calendar
Love Reality Tour, Greeley April 6 - 14
Love Reality Tour, Grand Junction April 18 - 21
Adventurer Fun Day May 6
Summer Camp Leadership Weekend May 11 - 13 
Pathfinder Fair May 20
Summer Camp Staff Week June 3 - 10
Summer Camp, Cub I  June 10 - 17
Summer Camp, Cub II June 17 - 24
Summer Camp, Junior June 24 - July 1
Summer Camp, Family & Blind Camp July 1 - 8 
Summer Camp, Tween & Teen Outpost July 8 - 15
Adventurer Family Campout  July 13 - 15
Summer Camp, Teen  July 15 - 22
Summer Camp, Mills Spring Ranch  July 22 - 29
Summer Camp, Camp Cleanup & Staff Retreat July 29 - 31
Pathfinder Camporee August 2 - 5 


Youth Ministry Staff

We are here to serve you. Feel free to get in touch with us! 


Steve Hamilton
Youth Director

Shannon Werner
Student Evangelism & Programs Coordinator


Matthew Moreland
Assistant Youth Director

Kiefer Dooley
Assistant Youth Director

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Upcoming Events

Pathfinder Leadership Weekend

Sep 14 2018 - Sep 16 2018

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