Prayer Summit 2018 Overview

Teen Prayer Summit, the Rocky Mountain Conference’s annual retreat for teens will be here soon! As always, the Prayer Summit will take place at Glacier View Ranch on the third weekend of January (19-21, 2018). Teen Prayer Summit provides an opportunity for youth in the RMC to connect with each other while nurturing an active spiritual life through Bible study and prayer.  This year's theme is "I AM." The weekend's events will emphasize developing personal identity and purpose with a basis in prayer and a message that moves in the spirit of confidence. Guided by Colossians 3, we will seek to understand why prayer exists, how to establish our identity through God as opposed to through the world and what it really looks like to fulfill our calling to be men and women of Christ.  

Who Can Attend?

Seeking to offer a weekend retreat for young people in the Rocky Mountain Conference, Prayer Summit is open to anyone ages 13 to 19. We only have one stipulation: participants must attend Prayer Summit with a sponsor.

Sponsor Information

Sponsor requirements are as follows: One male sponsor is required per ten male participants and one female sponsor is required per ten female participants.

Sponors should be at least 21 years of age and have completed Verified Volunteers training.

Verified Volunteers is available here under "Child Protection Training and Volunteer Background Checks."

2018 Registration Information & Rates

Registration Information

This year, we are attempting to make it easier to register your group for Prayer Summit well in advance of the program. Instead of requiring participant and sponsor information at the time of registration, we are selling tickets. A group leader can now purchase transferable tickets for Prayer Summit (until January 14th, 2018) and can assign the tickets to his or her participants and sponsors at any time via a group registration form. Worried about registering a student who may back out? Don't! We know that committing to a weekend event two months in advance is difficult... so, tickets can be transferred among participants. If one individual backs out, another can use his or her ticket. We hope that this new system will relieve stress on the group leader and help to encourage early registration. 

To recap - the registration process will now work in two steps: 

  1. Purchase tickets online or by calling (303) 282 - 3664. 
  2. Assign tickets to participants and sponsors via the group registration form [link available in the ticket purchase confirmation e-mail] or by calling (303) 282 - 3664.


Ticket Rates

*please note* tickets are required for particpants and for sponsors. Ticket price includes lodging, meals, programs and activities. 

Standard Pricing

[Friday, December 15th, 2017 - Sunday, January 14th, 2018]
  • $75.00 each for 1-4 tickets 
  • $70.00 each for 5-9 tickets 
  • $65.00 each for 10-14 tickets 
  • $60.00 each for 15+ tickets

Late Registration Pricing

[Monday, January 15th - Friday, January 19th, 2018] 
  • $100.00 each

The Prayer Summit Experience (2017) 

We had a fantastic time in 2017 with Steven Carlile and Kevin Bruce, exploring how to lay our burdens at the cross and "travel light." We hope that you'll join us for more fun, time in prayer and inspiring messages this coming January. Right now, check out a few photos from last year below. 


IMPORTANT! Change to Summer Camp Registration Deadline!

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TPS Speakers 2018

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